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Ive been a gourd artist for about four years and I specialize in jewelry made from gourd pieces we often refer to as" gourd shards." Browse these pages and find a great piece that will turn heads and start a conversation. My work is made from an organic material that gets recycled from a cracked gourd which is headed for the burn pile into a piece of art. I set up a booth at Arizona Gourd Festival in February and sell online here. This site is especially for my referring costumers and those who just want to take a look at something different. Please read more about my process under About My Jewelry link.

" I am also a "zentangled-inspired artists and have another site that showcases my drawings and gourd jewelry with zentangles patterns. Visit Bettie Lake's Zendrawing Gallery and check out this new art form!

I am excited to share my new book. Unable to find patterns that I could easily draw and teach to beginners working with pens and wood burning tools on gourds, I decided to create my own! This book is for the gourd artist, the tangler and the doodler. I take you you step-by-step through the process of drawing twenty-five original patterns created with a simple square or triangle grid. They are unique because they can be easily wood burned on gourds or wood. I also share my shading technique to give your patterns more depth on paper. Using my easy drawing method you can improve your drawing skills while creating interesting patterns that will enhance your doodling and tangling projects. These patterns can be translated to work with any media.

Once you learn the patterns, you may use them as borders or fill any shape with them and watch the wonderful effect they have on your art work.

All the patterns are drawn in a grid of squares or triangles. Then you add a few lines and when the pattern is repeated you get a design that looks complicated.
Each pattern is given a page which includes directions,examples and tips on using the pattern on different surfaces.
I also have a chapter on how to use my patterns in an abstract composition such as those found in zentangling. I include my method of shadowing and shading to givemy patterns more depth. Included are many great composition tips for beginners.
Another chapter introduces the world of gourd art and talks about buying gourds,cleaning them and the tools all beginners should consider.
I also provide directions on how I get the borders on the curved surface of a gourd. There are lots of pictures that illustrate the text.
For those who are wood carvers, there are suggestions on which tools that will help you succeed in using my patterns on wood

You can purchase the book through Amazon where you can read all the good reviews, but I would appreciate it if you would order from me so I can make a better profit. For that favor, I will personally autograph your copy.

The total cost will be $18. You can e-mail me for my address and more information about the book.

Check out my new book!

Workshops opportunities for 2016


February 12,13,14

Wuertz Farm's 13th Annual"Running of the Gourds"Gourd Festival

at the Pinal Fairgrounds
Casa Grande, Arizona

Will be there as a vendor and instructor.

Sorry the Metallic Odyssey class is full.

"Gourding in the Pines Retreat"

Prescott, Arizona

Tuesday, April 19th to Friday, April 22nd

Few seats open! Go to www.azgourdretreat.info


Class Offerings

I live in Phoenix and offer classes at my home.Take them alone or bring some friends. I will travel this year. Bought an RV and my husband is willing to drive. So if your patch is interest in an all day class, then please contact me. We are planning to do gourd festivals in the Western part of the U.S. So send me your info if your group is nterest.


To schedule a workshop or for more

info e-mail me.