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If you would like some personal help learning how I create the layouts for my gourd work and want to learn my wood burning technique, then consider a personal class or a class for your patch or group. Email me and we can put a class together to fit your needs.

Wood Burning Techniques

I am offering a series of technique classes that will make you more comfortable with your wood burning tool and introduce you to two new tips you probably have never worked with. Using the shading tips and tangle patterns I will show you my "toasting" technique to enhance your shading skills with a wood burning tool.

Let's plan a class for your group!


This spring we head to the mid-west for festivals where I have been asked to teach classes. Please sign up for them if you are attending.

If you are within these areas and want to set up aapatch or regional class. Email me and I would be glad to head our RV to your direction. We do have some free time between events.


Show-Me Gourd Art Festival

April 7, 8, 2018.

    Ozark Empire Fairgrounds
    Springfield, MO

South Carolina Gourd Festival

April 27-28, 2018 

Ghost Creek Gourd Farm in Laurens, S.C.


May 18, 19 and 20

Taylorsville, KY.



You will need a writing tip and a ball tip. All brands carry these tips. .Please e-mail me for my suggestions for your brand of pen if you get confused.
writing tip
ball tip

Getting to Know the Wood Burning Tool

Four -Six hour class

Cost: $55

Skews, knifes, balls, spears, loops, shaders, spooners, standard or replacement pens, gliding on and off, tight circles, a strop and aluminum oxide use. Dazed by the vocabulary and choices, then join me and I will reveal the mystery behind the tools and techniques of wood burning on a gourd. You will learn what to do with every tip you own! All questions- “dumb” and otherwise- will be addressed because I have already made all the mistakes!

Learn outlining and shading techniques, plus safety and maintenance guidelines. A beginner or practiced, I have some tips you can use with any coloring media. I have used them all and will share my techniques. We will practice on paper, then shards until you are ready to wood burn one of my easy-to-draw patterns on a shard. Every person who has taken this class has said it was one of the most informative class they have taken and they can't wait to try my technique at home.

Materials to Bring

  1. Wood burner and all pen and tips you own
  2. Safety glasses and dusk mask
  3. Clean shards to practice on (med. large)
  4. Watercolor pencilsif youhave them
  5. Sketch paper and pencil with eraser

I will bring my burning tool and several tips and pens for you to try. There will be a long handout so no intense note keeping will be necessary. I will bring some of my pieces for purchase by check or cash. Let's talk wood burning and get beyond the two tips you know.

Shading with the Writing and Ball Tips

3-4 hours

Cost: $45

The class focus is drawing patterns on gourds that have shading giving the image depth and interest. The first half of the class is spent learning to draw, with pencil, three patterns from the zentangling world on paper. Then we will apply the basic rules of shading to the drawing.

Next we will draw the same patterns on the our gourd using the writing tip and the ball tip. This technique adapts the traditional method usually seen on wood. These are grid patterns, so no drawing talent is needed! With this technique we do not burn through the surface of the gourd, but burn layers of “toasted color”. I'll bring your gourd and some great handouts.

Materials you will Bring
Wood burning tool and supplies, including a writing tip and a ball tip. Medium sizes will work best.
Paper, pencil and sketch book

Student work
student gourd

Composing an Abstract Design on a Gourd

3-4 hours

Cost: $45

You like tangling because you don't need to draw realistically. And it is pretty easy to create an abstract design on a three inch zentangle paper. But how do you get them on a gourd beyond putting them around the border? The gourd is a three dimensional surface so composition rules are helpful. We will look at different ways the focal point works on a round surface and learn how to move the viewer's eye around the gourd with lines and patterns. I will teach you my method for creating a great composition every time and give you tips on why certain things work or don’t! If you took the shading class, then you can use the same patterns with this project. If you have some favorite zentangle patterns, you can use those or if you doodle, then bring samples of your work. I will also teach you the four patterns on this gourd if you are in need of ideas. I wiIl also demonstrate how I use metallic markers and metalllic pigment powder to add shimmer and highlights to the marker color.

Materials you will Bring

Wood burning tool and supplies
shards to practice on
Patterns you want to use

Ink dyes

student gourd

Doodling Borders Gourd

All day class if you want the gourd completely finished.

4 hours to get it started

All Day class: $65


If you love to doodle or enjoy zentangles, then this is the class for you! I
share with you some of my patterns from my book, Doodling Patterns for Wood Burning .

The 25 new patterns that I have created can be changed and adapted to your own versions. This means they can be used on a gourd without a copyright issue. I will have copies of the book for you to use or if you have a copy, bring it so I can autograph it for you. I will show you how the grid works and teach the patterns from the book selected by the students in the class. I will also share others that are easy to wood burn. You will be amazed how fun and relaxing this part of the class will be.

The second part of the class will focus on getting your favorite pattern on your gourd. If time permits you can add more. I will bring along metallic markers and for you to try and tools you will find helpful. Be aware that your gourd will not look like mine due to your choice of patterns and composition. You can choose to wood burn the patterns on your gourd or you can do it all in markers which I will bring.

Tools and supplies you will need to bring:

This class uses patterns from this book and uses a cutting tip like a speat.
student gourd

"Little Gem" Gourd

Four to five hours

Cost: $55

This is the gourd I sell the most at festivals. They are small and unique and allow you to to add embellishments that give the gourd character. It also challenges you to get creative on how you add the patterns to the gourd. I find this gourd both fun and engaging to make. It looks great anywhere in the home from the bathroom to the kitchen or on a hallway table. A little surprise to enchant your guests.

The class begins with learning a few patterns from my book and others I enjoy using. I will show several different ways to create a design that flows around the gourd with depth and interest. After your design is wood burned, we will add a dye technique that will add texture to the surface before you add more dye or paint. I will also show you how I use markers to enhance the color.

As you finish, I will share embellishments, beads, feathers and the things you can add to the top. You can bring your own and challenge me on how you might use it on your gourd. No two gourd will look alike so be ready to be amazed at the variety of results. You can't fail with this one!

Material Provided

You Bring


You can do this entire project with just markers. Please let me know if this is preferable. I can have supplies available to you.

student gourd


Dyeing to be Different

2-3 hours

Cost: $45

Learn several ways to make your alcohol dyed gourd projects pop! We will begin with the best kept secret. Bring one or two small to medium gourds.Plus, lots of shards to experiment on. Bring your own dyes and supplies on the list. You will make your own bottle dye using a marker and explore other home-made dyes you can use on gourds. I'll share recipes for water dyes, ink dyes, colored sprays and blizters . I promise this information will save you money if this is a technique you like. Nothing difficult here-just fun. Just be ready to experiment with me. I have 10 different techniques to shw you!

Supplies for “Dyeing to be Different”

Student gourds

"The Narwel " Gourd

All day

Cost: $65

If you are ready for a new tangle pattern to wood burn on a gourd using my surface burning technique, then this is a fun gourd. The narwels can be filled with any tangle you like which makes each one of these gourds different. I will show you how to keep the viewer interested as they turn the gourd to follow the narwels. I love this pattern and so will you!

I will bring the metalic medium I used. And also provide ideas for great tangles.

You Bring

  1. I can bring gourds or bring your own.
  2. Paper and pencil
  3. Bring along an ink dye color for the background
  4. Wood burner supplies
  5. A writing tip for your pen
  6. Watercolor pencils if you have them
Student gourd

Double Shard Necklace

All day

Cost: $65


Learn how I make my jewelry. I will show you how to connect two shards together with wire and how the necklace chain attaches to the shards. We will first learn to draw the patterns and then learn how to get them on the shards. I will bring all the supplies for this project. Including my metallic markers and rub-ons for you to try. Wear it home or give it as a special gift.


You Bring

Tangled Pattern Gourd

Cost: 4-5 hours


This gourd helps me introduce my two new books. Each book has 15 patterns drawn on a grid. One with squares,one with triangles. You will choose two patterns from the books and learn how to draw them on paper. Then you will drawn them on your gourd and use my toasting technique to burn and shade your patterns.

I will provide the gourd ready to burn and will have copies of my books to use. If you like, you can purchase them at the end of the class. This will provide you with 30 pattern tutorials.


Materials you will Bring

wood burning supplies

writing tip for your pen

paper and pencil

watercolor pencils-browns and a white

Student work

Canonball Ornament

4-5 hours

Cost $45

We all know how hard these are to burn with a skew or a spear tip . But with a writing tip we can easily toast the surface! Easy to hold and fun to burn,I will show you how to create a design that covers all of gourd ,even the bottom. Then I will show you a trick that will allow it to spin easily on a display hook.

I will bring the gourd and patterns step-outs you can use or your bring your faovrite tangles.

Materials you Bring

wood burning supplies

writing tip

pencil and paper

watercolor pencils-browns and a white.

Student gourd