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Gourd Shard Belts

Are you looking for something outstanding and personal? Then let me create a Gourd Shard Belt for you or for a very special friend or relative. This is the ultimate Southwest look! It may look similar to a concho belt, but it doesn't have the weight of silver and turquoise because gourds are weightless! The belt I will make for you will feel the same weight as it is when you send it to me.

Are you a collector of an image ? Love Southwest patterns and images? Then this belt idea is perfect to start a conversation or show off a personalized piece of wearable art.

Here are a few examples of belt styles I can add gourd shards to. You can purchase these example if you like, but I would prefer to make a custom belt for you. You choose a belt and let me know where it connects together. Mail it to me. Then I will add the shards. You can choose your subject, send me image examples or just send me some ideas and color choices. When the shards are finished, I will email you the images for approval before I place them on your belt. What a statement the belt makes when worn on a dark color. I could even make you a necklace to match!

Kokopeli Belt........$100
  This belt was made with leather pieces folded into each other with a long leather cord attached at a large jump ring. Reminds me of a belt kit from Tandy!    
Zentangle Belt......$100
  This belt with holes allowed me to add the gourd shards rather easily.   The wood burned patterns are from the popular zentangle art form.
Birds of the Desert with Turquoise
  I attached the gourd shards with wire that goes through the jump ring and up throught the back of the gourds    
  This belt made from a chain belt that just had the turquiose pieces. Hint: I found all these belts at thrift store. So go find a belt you like and email an idea!