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Gourd Belts
Tangled Gourd Art
I am excited to share my books. Unable to find patterns that I could easily draw and teach to beginners working with pens and wood burning tools on gourds, I decided to create my own!

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Doodling Borders

I take you step-by-step through the process of drawing twenty-five original patterns created with a simple square or triangle grid. They are unique because they can be easily wood burned on gourds or wood.
Each pattern is given a page which includes directions,examples and tips on using the pattern on different surfaces.
Another chapter introduces the world of gourd art and talks about buying gourds,cleaning them and the tools all beginners should consider.
Then you add a few lines and when the pattern is repeated you get a design that looks complicated.

Bettie's Tangled Patterns Vol. 1

The 15 patterns offer a variety of opportunities for artist using many media.

Each pattern is presented with visual directions and tips. You can also see how it can be shaded for a painting, coloring book page or a zentangle. The pattern strip on the side lets you try out your own color combinations.

I include a gourd shard to show my wood burning students how to shade it with the wood burning pen . Quilters can use the graph paper version of the pattern to create a quilt block.There are also empty square grids in the back of the book to use for practice. Use them in the book or scan them for several copies.

There are two volumes of tangled patterns. Volume one has patterns drawn on a square grid.

Bettie" Tangled Patterns- Vol. 2

Directions for drawing, coloring and shading the pattern are presented. A wood burned shard is shown with shading and a the triangle is changed to a square block to inspire quilters.
Vol.2 has 15 patterns on a triangle grid
Each pattern can be quickly found.

Coloring Book-A Fantasy World of Tangled Hummingbirds

Here is a coloring book just for tanglers. I love hummingbirds and dragonflies so I enjoyed creating these 20 drawings just for you.

Free Page

If you click on the link above you can download the cover page to color.

You can purchase my books through Amazon where you can read all the good reviews, but I would appreciate it if you would order from me so I can make a better profit. For that favor, I will personally autograph your copy.



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