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"Dyeing to be Different"
Gourd Talks

I am going to show you how to save money making your own dyes and spritzers. Then I will also reveal my secret for getting bright vibrant colors.

You will make your own bottle dye using a marker and explore other home-made dyes you can use on gourds. I'll share recipes for water dyes, ink dyes, colored sprays and blizters . I promise this information will save you money if this is a technique you like.

Bring 10 to 15 shards with your name on the back because I have at least ten technique for you to try!

Also bring one or two gourd to get creative with.

Bring your own dyes and supplies on the list. Nothing difficult here-just fun. Just be ready to experiment with me.

Supplies for “Dyeing to be Different”

  • Tray with sides to work in.
  • Alcohol dyes
  • 2-3 pairs of gloves
  • 91% alcohol in misting bottle
  • Heat gun
  • X-ac to knife
  • Sharpie permanent marker (your favorite color)
  • Black marker-fine line
  • clean shards to try each technique

Let's have fun and get messy!

Learn several ways to make your alcohol dyed gourd projects pop!


"Dyeing to Be Different"

4 hours