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My "Toasting" Technique


Ball tip
Writing tip

My Instruction Style

With 30 years of art instruction experience, I provide students with a wealth of information and practical solutions to common wood burning problems. Great tutorials and visual aids help me clarify my tangling techniques, so you can relax and really enjoy your burner. If you are a doodler and can draw geometric shapes, then I can show you many ways to decorate your gourds without copying someone else's images. You find my directions easy and often rather humorous and I am patient!

Most gourd artists use a skew to outline a shape or images, creating a ditch to confine the paint or coloring medium. This does not allow the wood burner to burn any shadows or shading. Another burning technique used is the “traditional style” which allow artists working on wood to use different tips to create fur and feathers and dots that show shading.

To find a way to shade with my wood burning pen like I do with a lead pencils, I experimented with the different shading tools and found that the writing tip and the ball tip worked best. I developed a technique that allows you to shade by “toasting” the surface of the gourd without cutting a ditch. So, the burned lines are more subtle and soft. By using different motions, I can change the golden tone created by the wood burner. This technique is easy and very relaxing because mistakes are easy to fix. If you like sketching, then transferring those skills to my method will be simple. The other advantage is the low temperature needed to burn. You might find you have less issues with fumes. Come take a class and see if you like it!

Browse through my class offerings. Mosts relate to wood burning, but I also have classes covering othr areas. Be sure to take a look at Gourd Talk if you are the event planner.

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