About My Jewelry

I've been a gourd artist for about eight years and I specialize in jewelry made from gourd pieces we often refer to as " gourd shards." Browse these pages and find a great piece that will turn heads and start a conversation. My work is made from an organic material that gets recycled from a cracked gourd which is headed for the burn pile into a piece of art. I set up a booth at Arizona Gourd Festival in February and sell online here. This site is especially for my referring costumers and those who just want to take a look at something different. Please read more about my process under About My Jewelry link.

" I am also a "zentangled-inspired artists and have another site that showcases my drawings with zentangles patterns. Visit Bettie Lake's Zendrawing Gallery and check out this new art form!

I also offer wood burning classes that teach you how to add tangles to your gourds and other art media.To help those who can't take a class from me, check out my instruction books.


Gourd Shard Necklace Sets

Gourd Shard Pendant Sets



Tangled Gourd Art


Welcome to my website where I share my work .

You can follow my tangling work by joining my Facebook group, Bettie's Tangled Gourd Jewelry

Announcing my new Books

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I have been a long admirer of the work of Phyllis Sickles and had a booth next to hers for years. This year as I approached her booth I saw my favorite gourd that had been a Grand Master Entry a few years ago. I fell in love with it then and had assumed she sold it! But there it was in the corner sitting proudly on a pedestal.


It took most of my sale money, but I went home with my Fish Tail Cactus. I love looking at it every day!


Spent another year as a vendor at the Arizona Gourd Festival. Had a great time selling my jewelry and telling visitors about my wood burning classes and my new books


Arizona Gourd Festival Competition

I entered a piece in the Wearable Art Category in the Master's Division and won the blue ribbon.