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Revealing the Secrets to Wood burning on Gourds
Shading with the Writing Tip
Applying an Abstract Design on a Gourd
"Little Gem" Gourds
Getting Started with my Book Patterns
The "Narwel" Pattern
Double Shard Necklace
Cannon Ball Ornament
"Dyeing to be Different"
Gourd Talks

This is the gourd I sell the most at festivals. They are small and unique and allow you to to add embellishments that give the gourd character.

It also challenges you to get creative on how you add the patterns to the gourd. I find this gourd both fun and engaging to make. It looks great anywhere in the home from the bathroom to the kitchen or on a hallway table. A little surprise to enchant your guests.

The class begins with learning a few patterns from my books and others I enjoy using. I will demonstrate several ways to create a design that flows around the gourd with depth and interest.

After your design is wood burned, we will add a dye technique that will add texture to the surface before you add more dye or paint. I will also show you how I use markers to enhance the color.



"Little Gem"


4 hr. class


As you finish, I will share embellishments, beads, feathers and the things you can add to the top. You can bring your own and challenge me on how you might use it on your gourd. No two gourd will look alike so be ready to be amazed at the variety of results. You can't fail with this one!

You Brimg

  1. Drawing paper and supplies you use for doodling
  2. Shards for practice
  3. Wood burner with outlining tip (optional)
  4. Dyes, paints, markers, and their accessories you like to use.

Teacher will Provide

  • Examples of my work for ideas
  • Embellishments
  • Metallic markers and paints for you to try
  • Helpful tools