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Revealing the Secrets to Wood burning on Gourds
Shading with the Writing Tip
Applying an Abstract Design on a Gourd
"Little Gem" Gourds
Getting Started with my Book Patterns
The "Narwel" Pattern
Double Shard Necklace
Cannon Ball Ornament
"Dyeing to be Different"
Gourd Talks


The class focus is drawing patterns on gourds that have shading giving the image depth and interest. The first half of the class is spent learning to draw, with pencil, three patterns from the zentangling world on paper. Then we will apply the basic rules of shading to the drawing.

Next we will draw the same patterns on the our gourd using the writing tip and the ball tip. This technique adapts the traditional method usually seen on wood. These are grid patterns, so no drawing talent is needed! With this technique we do not burn through the surface of the gourd, but burn layers of “toasted color”.

Shading with the Writing and Ball Tips

4 hrs

Cost: $40


Materials you will Bring:

Wood burning tool and supplies, including a writing tip. Medium sizes will work best.

Paper, pencil and sketch book

White watercolor pencil

Teacher Will Bring:

Your goud

Some of my favorite tool and my books. 
Bring a writing tip